5 Strategies Businesses Can Follow to Create Better Social Media Presence

Think of just any brand. Is this brand on social media? The answer is most likely yes. But does the brand have a thriving social media presence? Now, that’s the actual question.

Many businesses do not have an active social media presence. Marketing on social media is more than just posting random links and tagging one or two accounts. There is a need for a social media strategy.

On reviewsbird.co.uk, you’ll find a collection of customer reviews on different social media companies. These companies’ physical and social media presence is one of the factors that will determine what type of reviews or feedback they get from customers.

So what are the strategies businesses should follow to create a better social media presence? Here is a list of 5 of them.

1. Be human:

coming off as a faceless firm with no personality is one of the worst mistakes to make on social media. People want to get to know your business on a more personal level in the present era of transparency. Today, several brands crack jokes and are not afraid to speak to their customers as their friends would. So while companies were once chastised for coming across like robots, a human social media appearance has become a requirement among online customers and followers. Likewise, showing off the brand’s human side means showing off the faces behind your networking sites. Whether it’s workplace pictures or random snapshots of your staff, getting personal with your followers will help you build a much-needed bond.

2. Create an editorial calendar:

a common thing among the largest social brands is the fact that they publish, post or report regularly. Chances are you’re handling many media networks and are trying to make sure that in terms of details and what to share, you check many boxes, right? Think about how the process can be made even smoother by an editorial calendar:

  • Enables you to fine-tune each of your content without having to jump between websites for each channel.
  • Times the posts to optimize interaction, saving you from needing to post in real-time endlessly.
  • Avoids repetition of the same material, meaning that each of the posts or photos receives the greatest possible appreciation.

3. Seek relationships:

having 100 followers that engage with your business content regularly is worth more than having 1000 followers that ignore your posts (termed “ghost followers“). This might sound cliché, but don’t keep the “social” out of your appearance on social media. The advantage of sociality is that you can build relationships with followers from almost anywhere in a moment. Partake in actual conversations with your followers. Answer their questions and reply when people tag or mention you on a comment.

4. Focus on helping over selling:

while social selling is now on the rise, the “hard sell” should not be all your social media activity is about. If a certain problem happens to be circulating with your followers, you should create content that responds specifically to it.

5. Get visual:

regardless of where you post, right now, picture and video materials are doing the most! Getting visual does not require a whole lot of equipment; it can be done on a low budget. Consider imagery like infographics, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and team photos.

These tactics can help build your business a strong social media presence which will in turn help in increasing your sales figures.