CenturyLink Internet: Business Review 2022

CenturyLink Internet: Business Review 2022

CenturyLink Internet: Business Review 2022

For decades, CenturyLink has quietly been expanding its telecommunications business in the United States. This one ISP’s highly recommended by customers all over the country and for obvious reasons! The CenturyLink Internet deals offerfaster speeds that are cheaper than other available internet options and customers don’t have to rush for technical assistance all the time because the connection is extremely reliable. Hence, ticking all the right boxes on the checklist! However, there’s always room for improvement and that applies to this provider as well.

CenturyLink – Business Internet Plan And Coverage

For most small businesses and even the larger ventures as well, CenturyLink offers interesting monthly plans that are not just reasonably priced but offer spectacular internet speeds and overall remarkable internet coverage for most of its customer base. Although most ISPs claim to offer affordable internet plans and impressive bundles with customer support that’s a call away, CenturyLink Business Internet Plans do not knock off your monthly budget.

Even its most expensive plan which offers 940 Mbps is relatively cheaper than speed plans offered by Comcast and AT&T respectively. Hence, CenturyLink’s speeds and costs are solid and don’t budge nor hike, in contrast to others. Additionally, if you are stuck in a sticky internet situation, then the 24/7 customer service might help you with instant technical assistance.

There’s More To Business Internet Than Just DSL Plans

The business internet plans for most small to mid-range businesses focuses on facilitating at least ten employees with internet connection. While two kinds of business internet services, digital subscriber line (DSL) and fiber-optic are offered, most small businesses don’t require much and so can even work around with slower plans, that fall under the range of 10-40 Mbps. Since these internet plans are not pricey, these are a pretty reasonable option when it comes to basic internet service with decent upload and download speeds.

CenturyLink Fiber Internet Plans For Businesses

Like other ISPs in the United States, CenturyLink too has entered the race for fiber-optic and has been involved in building a reliable network for its customer base. While fiber plans by CenturyLink boast symmetric speeds, the only problem is that it is not available in all regions across the country. Although CenturyLink is a much-preferred provider, its reputation can further be improved if they tweak its customer support just a bit.

When it comes to fees, CenturyLink is upfront about any extra fees that customers may have to pay to sign up for the service. There is an activation fee, an early termination fee, and an installation fee involved as well, however, users can also opt for self-installation and avoid the charge. Customers opting for DSL plans need to sign a 2-year contract whereas, for fiber optic, there’s just a 1-year contract that needs to be signed. When it comes to equipment, users have the option to either lease a modem device, purchase a new one, or used the modem that’s already installed.

Free Tech Features That Come With Business Internet Plans

Although these free tech features are not advertised on their website, these are available for users who employ any one of the business internet plans. CenturyLink gives two licenses for Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials along with 20 GB of data backup. If you need more speed—say, for downloading large files or streaming video—you should consider CenturyLink’s upper-tier plans. On the downside, unfortunately, upload speeds could not be tracked for any business internet plan. These upload speeds are important for your business because if you are regularly conducting Zoom meetings or have to constantly upload files and documents, then you need a service that does not have interruptions, let alone even have the occasional hiccup! All these perks are great for new ventures that want advanced tech to improve operational efficiency.

Strong Reliable Business Internet Coverage In Rural Areas

Besides the urban landscape, CenturyLink offers strong internet coverage for businesses set in rural areas as well. While users may often find this internet service to be the only viable option available in the area, there are plenty of reasons why CenturyLink is considered more than an adequate service provider for rural areas.

One, its DSL coverage plans are above average whereas it offers cheap monthly bundles for fiber-optic. Two, it has a strong infrastructure set up in the countryside, which ensures that customers receive strong internet coverage. Three, the prices of the monthly bundles and internet plans don’t fluctuate much and even if they do, they are still accessible for all kinds of consumers, which makes CenturyLink a highly recommended ISP for most areas.

Amazing DSL Options But Needs To Improve Gigabit Speeds

Although CenturyLink is working to improve its gigabit speed, ensuring that higher bandwidth could easily be accessible to users in all areas and locations, this is still not touted as much of an issue because of the current speed tiers that are offered by CenturyLink are impressively fast. However, if High-Speed DSL is your option, then CenturyLink does a fab job.

The Bottom Line…

As far as better internet options are present, this includes cable and fiber, CenturyLink does a good job with these too as well. But customers need to check if these options are available in their area. However, we recommend that you visit buytvinternetphone and check if other internet service options are easily accessible in the area.